Layout Specifications


Integrated Labels and Cards are easy to remove from the parent sheet.
Integrated cards lift easily out of the sheet

The die and laminate patch that create an integrated card, magnet or label may be placed anywhere on the sheet, leaving a minimum space of 1/2" from the edges.

To create a bleed, extend the image 1/8" beyond the die line.

The standard die for integrated cards is 3.375" x 2.125", with .125" rounded corners.

Custom dies are available for any project.

Put multiple labels or cards on one sheet.

Combine multiple products on one sheet; for example, integrate both a membership card and a parking permit decal into a welcome letter.


Uses & Markets

What are integrated products? Who uses integrated products?
Membership Cards
ID Cards
Customer Loyalty Cards
Event Pass Cards
Discount Cards
Shipping Labels
Packing List Labels
Windshield Decals
Parking Permits
Business Card Magnets
Calendar Magnets
Sports Schedule Magnets
Combo! Put a card & a magnet on the same sheet
Alumni Associations
Credit Unions
Insurance Offices
Condo Associations
Yacht Clubs / Marinas
Church / Community Groups
Any type of Club, Group or League!

Tips & Tricks 


If your project will be folded, place the card a minimum distance from the fold

Coordinate your mail merge print position to the placement of the card(s) on the carrier sheet

Include "Bend Here" text on the carrier sheet to aid in removal of the card

If the member's name & address will be imprinted, position the card to show through a window envelope for mailing